Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, my mother-in-law, and all the special moms in my life... my friends, family and all my cyber friends out in blogland that I haven't even met yet! I appreciate you all!

I hope your Mother's day has been truly amazing, and that you feel loved and special - because you are!

Here's a snap shot of what my Mother's Day weekend has been like.

Last night, I took my Mother-in-Law to a special piano concert put on by a young man, Josh Herrett, who is one of the most amazing pianists I have ever heard. You just keep hoping the music won't end. My sister-in-law, and her mom, joined us, and we all really enjoyed the concert.

This morning, the kids greeted me with hand-crafted gifts that they had all made for me. That will be a post of its own! Once I get them all photographed, then I'll share their creativity on here!

Today, our family served during the coffee time at church, along with another family, but we were able to take in part of the service, and all the moms were blessed with a gift - a pen and matching bookmark for my Bible. After church, I got to have a nap! I love naps :) Then we headed out to a park for a nice walk along the trails. We ended the day with dinner at the Old Spaghetti factory. That is really your one-stop-family-place! We love it there, and so do the kids. I tell ya, though, that place was hopping... and we didn't have reservations, but they got us seated in probably less than 10 minutes. Great service, and great food. I even got a carnation for Mother's Day!

Here I am with my children... thanks Steve, and kids, for a great day!

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