Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monkeys Monkeys Everywhere!!

Here are the cards we made last night using Sock Monkey. Also, E with her striped monkey, and the authentic, handmade monkey my mom made when I was a girl. Time to make the boys some sock monkeys, I think! They are feeling a little left out!!!

We used Jolly Holiday paper to piece the monkey together. I love it when you can use something for more than its original planned use: Christmas paper doesn't always have to look Christmasy!


Rhonda said...

I have the pink monkey too; love her!

cute card as usual Sarah!

deWoldeDaily said...

A parent made some sock monkeys for our school auction last year. They were so cute! I was going to make some but haven't been able to find the right socks. any ideas? Let me know if you find any! I did find a pattern on-line too but if you find a good one, maybe you can pass that along too!

Anonymous said...

I used to have these monkeys when I was little.. hmm wonder where they went?! xo