Monday, February 21, 2011

Monkey Business

Tonight is my monthly stampers club... we will be playing with a stamp set called Sock Monkey. When I was little, my mom made me a sock monkey, and I know lots of people that could tell stories of playing with their special sock monkeys. A few years ago, they became the rage again, and you could find them on quilts, in scrapbooks, stuffies mass produced and lining the shelves. I love the little guys! And I love it that there is a sock monkey stamp set.

Tomorrow, I will blog about the cards we make tonight, but for now, check out this vintage article that my mom gave me. I wish the year and newspaper source had been written on the paper, but it wasn't. However, the original is yellow enough to prove that it is a few decades old. I scanned it and whitened it up for here.

Looks easy enough to make, eh? I think after I stamp monkeys tonight, I'm going to want to make the actual thing, too!!


Alexa said...

I always wanted to make one! maybe this will be my inspiration! It worked last time... all you need to do was post your new fabric :)

Loving Life Being Christy said...

Sarah I would like to feature this monkey business article on my blog if that is ok with you? I will put a link in for your blog. Christy xo