Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday!

My little Todd turned seven yesterday. What a joy he is. Kind to his friends, and such a sweety (most of the time :) For the next two weeks, we have two 7-year-olds in the house! I'll get a picture of the boys together at some point while they are the same age. And in between their 2 birthdays we will have a joint party for them. (Pictures will come after that, too!)

Yesterday, he got to open a gift (a hotwheels bike, which he loved!!) and we had a DQ ice cream cake as a family. Today, Todd took Wagon Wheels as a treat for his friends at school and then got to go on a date with daddy after school and spend $2 that he got in one of his birthday cards.

Happy Birthday, Todd!
You are very loved.

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Mel said...

Hey Sarah - love the "daddy dates". Our kids do that with Dave as well, and it's always such an anticipated event! They usually just end up eating at McDonalds and shopping for a small toy, but it's the individual attention that means so much! Happy birthday to your little guy.