Friday, November 26, 2010

O Christmas Tree!!

Our tree is up :)

We started a new tradition... Chinese food on tree decorating night. I have sworn off Chinese food because it is so incredibly bad for you. But deep down I still enjoy it, and Steve absolutely loves it! So, even though I haven't had Chinese Food for probably over 2 years, I thought we could do it just once a year on the night we decorate for Christmas.

Here's the view out my front door last night.

And the view inside my house:

Pulling the tree out of the box and setting it up.... yes, we are most definitely an artificial tree family. I don't have any desire to have a real tree, and I know there are some people that feel like it's not Christmas if the tree is fake! To each, their own, I guess!!

Steve and Scott fluffing up the branches.

Putting on the flags. There are Canadian flags and Norwegian flags. Growing up, we always had Norwegian flags on our tree, and I have carried on that tradition... it also makes for a good divider for the kids' sections of the tree - where they are allowed to decorate. It's an easy way to keep the peace - we don't get any fights about someone decorating on another person's side!!!

Todd was standing on a stool, and he couldn't reach high enough for his angel, so I held his hand and he leaned into the tree and reached up!

Elise got the backside of the tree... she didn't even seem to notice that her part of the tree was the least visible. In the coming years, we'll have to rotate who gets the sweet spot on the tree!

Scott reaching up to put on the star - he couldn't get it straight, and wouldn't let Steve lift him, so Steve straightened it, but Scott still technically put the star on!

After it was done, I was trying to get the kids to smile. Todd's was forced, Scott was in tears (because he couldn't get the star on straight) and Elise had an unknown expression on her face. I said, "C'mon, Elise, you look sick." At that, all 3 of them burst out laughing, and this was the best picture of the night!

A mismatched, mishmash, hodgepodge tree... full of childhood loveliness and decorations that are decades old. It's a little bit of this and a little bit of that, and the kids decorated the whole thing (with the exception of the lights and flags). It's OUR tree!

When the room lights are low and the tree is lit up.... who cares if our tree won't make it into a magazine, it is a special thing for a child to be allowed to decorate the tree. One ornament got broken, but that won't ruin Christmas....

May you enjoy the countdown to Christmas, and remember the real reason we celebrate!

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deWoldeDaily said...

Love the tree!! And I love that you also do a 'mish-mash' tree. ours it too! We have ornaments that I've made as a kid and we usually try to buy one from every new place we visit. It is great to relive those travels as we put them on the tree.! We'll save the theme trees for other families! We'll see how the tree lasts with a 1-year old in the house this year!