Saturday, July 24, 2010

White Rock, BC

One of the best things about living in British Columbia's lower mainland is that there are so many beautiful places within a short drive from home.

Last night, we went with friends out to White Rock for the evening. We all had ice cream, and we went for a walk on the pier, and to the white rock.

Here are a few pics...

It's a flock of birds... looks a bit like flies in the picture, but it's really birds - we were hoping they wouldn't fly over our heads :)

Watching the train go by...

There were a few crazies at the end of the pier that drew a crowd by continuously jumping over the railing into the water. 2 guys and 2 gals. One guy made such a splash that he got the whole front row of spectators wet!

We were standing to the side, and the kids were all fascinated by the jumpers. I could see in a couple of their faces that they just wanted to get in the water and do some splashing around, too. Not a chance!

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