Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I love getting flowers. Today, Todd presented me with a beautiful bouquet of "Sunflowers!" He had heard me say how much I love sunflowers, and what a surprise for him to find some right in our backyard!!! What a sweet boy I have!


Anonymous said...

Yes I love "sunflowers" too and
got some when my grand children
were here. :) g

Louise said...

Hahahahaha! Too funny! As you know, I get them all the time & have to wear them over my ear! It's always nice when I forget & walk into a store etc hours later with a wilted dandelion in my hair :) But I love them because they're from my boys!

Kelly said...

My toddler has recently discovered how to make his mommy happy with flowers. I first got the rogue violets my husband was trying to weed out of the backyard. Now I am blessed with the "lellow" flowers. ("Cause dey are de prettiest!")

I had to find a little vase that I can put on a table within his reach so we can freshen the flowers every day. :-)


Kelly in Ohio