Sunday, February 22, 2009

Music Classes

Earlier this month, my boys started music lessons. The classes are called, "Music for Little Mozarts" and they love the program! Scott is the know-it-all in the class, and always has the answer to the questions... the teacher has to say, " ____ do you know the answer?" So that Scott doesn't give all the answers to every single question ☺ That's my boy! He loves doing his homework, too. I wonder if that will last after a few years of music lessons? (probably, if he really does take after me!!) They get to play the piano, but so far it's been lots of other music exploration, as well. It is a group class, and there are 4 kids in the class... we make up half the class!!

In their last lesson they were learning about forte and piano (loud and soft). Scott got the LOUD tambourine, and Todd got the soft sounding bells! Todd really loves music class and he loves Mrs. Marilyn, the teacher... I think he wants to be the teacher's pet, but he is also the youngest in the class. It is so cute to watch him sit beside the bigger kids. Every once in awhile he zones out, but then on the way home he starts singing one of the songs, so he was obviously paying attention!

Last week, on the way home, Todd came out with this: "Planyo lessons are more funner than making paper boats!" Well, now, if that didn't just melt my heart. Makes me know that it's worth every cent! I love it that at this age, I get to be in the lessons with them as well.

Here are Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear... the 2 heroes of Music Lessons!

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