Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day! ♥

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

This week at school, Scott exchanged Valentine's with his classmates... here are the treat boxes he made. I cut the papers to size, then he ran them through my Big Shot machine, and then I tied the ribbons on and he wrote the "from Scott" on the heart tag. I wanted to get him to write the name of each of his classmates on the back of the heart, but that would have been a 2-day job, so I decided to just get him to write his own name. Besides, the treats were all the same except for the colour of the paper.

Another thing... this is a great way to use up old Designer Paper. As a SU! Demo, I only demonstrate the current papers in my classes and clubs... but then I end up with a lot of pretty paper leftover, so this was a great way to use up some old stuff!!

** There is a little pack of Jelly Beans inside.


deWoldeDaily said...

I want my kids to be in your kids' classes so they can get cute Valentine's like that! Very nice!

Jen said...

very cute!
Happy Valentine's Day!

bellinibellini said...

and the other moms are saying, thanks sarah. somehow your version of homemade looks a little bit better than what my hypothetical kid would bring if she were in scott's class. you probably bake your own cookies for the bake sale too? :)