Friday, February 20, 2009

Crazy Kids...

I love my husband... I love my kids... and that's why I'm taking a break from them this weekend! (or should I say, "I'm giving them a break from ME this weekend!?!!!") I am so excited to go on a ladies retreat with my church. I can't WAIT! There will be crafts, hikes, friends, sharing, food, no cooking, no laundry, no cleaning... did I mention that I CAN'T WAIT?!!! There are 90 women going, and there are so many fun things planned. I will share pics sometime next week!

Here's a couple pics that I know my dad will especially chuckle over. Todd grabbed a chair the other day and said, "I'm papa, come and sit on my lap!" The other 2 gladly accepted his invitation and came and sat on his knee. What a goof! Funny thing is that from very early on, everyone has said that Todd looks most like Papa (my dad) and he has a bit of his personality, too... always quick witted and active - he can do a pretty good frown when he wants to, too!

2 peas in a pod.... so much alike that someone even said, "Elise is just Todd in a skirt!" They became friends last year when Scott started school. I was worried that Todd would be so lonely with Scott gone all day. I shouldn't have worried - Elise filled the void almost immediately!

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