Monday, August 04, 2008

What have I been up to?

July flew by, faster than the speed of light... we went away twice camping. I got a lot of scrapbooking done (pictures will come eventually!) to catch up on our family yearbook albums. (2005 is done, and I have gotten halfway through 2006) I did a tiny bit of scrapbooking for my kids, but mainly for our family books, which are 8 1/2 X 11 size.

Today, after Steve put up the top shelf in our little room off the living room (an extra walk-in that has been many things already... the boys' playroom, a "Little People" room, Elise's playroom, a dumping ground when company comes!!) I finished making it into a little schoolroom for the kids. I just need a magnetic board for their letters and numbers (someone suggested getting an old cookie sheet from the thrift store). I thought about a chalk board, but that just screams dust and dirt, so I think we'll skip that addition!

By putting up 3 shelves (from Home Depot) I can put the "dangerous" stuff up top... like felt pens and play dough! (Steve put up all the shelves!! Thanks husband :)

Scott is starting kindergarten in September, and I bought him a k-1 Homework book, which he is just cruising through. And he LOVES this new schoolroom... we just pull in a chair when he wants to sit at the table.

A little clothesline to hang artwork on...

Around the corner in the room... it's not as claustrophobic in there as it looks from the doorway! And there's a window that gives great light, too. Of course there are still a few toys...but we're working to get them all settled in the basement!!

I did these Sesame Street character paintings for Todd's first birthday party decorations... 3 years ago.

Scott did this abstract painting when he was 20 months old. It's still one of my faves... I gave him a little canvas, and it is artist's quality paint, so it will last forever!!! Also, I have a TON of teaching stuff in boxes (teachers never stop collecting, I don't think!) so I pulled out a strip of classroom border with the alphabet in sign language on it, and stapled it to the wall. The boys have already been practicing their signing!

So, what has everyone else been up to this summer?


Grammie said...

That is so cool...

Amy said...

I have a few thoughts for this post:
1. Starting kindergarden? Wow! My baby is going to daycare this year (a montesorri school) and I am a little nervous. She has been with a neighbor for her first 2.5 years.
2. I love your art clothesline idea. I need to find a place for that here.
3. You painted those Sesame characters? WOW! Very impressive.
4. This sumer we traveled to see gramma, Zoe got to stay a week without me so Brett and I had some alone time. I just got back from SU convention and that was awesome. I have had friends over every Wednesday to stamp and that has been a blast!

This is my last week of summer and my mom flies in tomorrow. That is a great way to end the summer.

deWoldeDaily said...

What a great use for a little room! The teacher in me likes the idea of having a special place for homework! Kendra loved your Sesame street pictures - she loves that show!! Hope you're enjoying the sunshine!

Dawnelle said...

What a great room Sarah... makes me want to have little kids around again!

...did I just say that out loud!?

Grandma said...

Wow, that room has changed....very nice, Sarah! Scotty has been telling us he's doing some homework already, so that's where he does it, eh?