Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tea Time

While in Victoria, I had a few friends over for a tea party... It was so fun catching up, and talking about kids, boyfriends, and fiances, while sipping one of my favourite drinks - tea! Crystal is planning her wedding, and for those of us already married, we had fun hearing all the details and sharing our own wedding advice :)

Scott had fun playing with my friend Rayael's little girl, and he is still talking about her, days later! They coloured, picked blueberries and raspberries (and of course, ate them all, too!) and they even let Todd and Elise play for a bit with them!

My friend Elise gave me these beautiful flowers!! Thanks Elise :)


Crystal D said...

I had so much fun at the tea party!!!

Louise said...

Sorry I missed it! sniff sniff... not that I was invited or anything though :)

Sarah said...

If you lived closer you would have been invited... and you probably would have been the one to plan it in the first place!!!!!