Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am having a kidless and husbandless night... so what do I do? I blog about my kids. Just like when Steve and I go out on a date, we end up talking about the kids throughout the whole dinner!!!

Today, I cut all the boys' hair, and Steve requested mohawks. But not to keep! I was actually going to put off cutting their hair until the next time we saw my mom, but Todd came to me before dinner today and practically begged me to do something with his hair. He's usually the one I have to fight with to give a haircut, and he usually only gets half as many haircuts as Scott... but, ask and ye shall receive (at least when it comes to a haircut :)

So I cut Todd's hair, and then he cried. Nice.

So I cut off the 'hawk and he was happy!

Scott was next, and he didn't want to give up the new do....

But I made him let me cut the rest off!

Steve... well.... his lasted all of 5 minutes, and sorry to say, it just didn't have the same effect - but they all had fun, and I am sure we'll do it again!

Even Elise wanted to get in on the action, so I gave her a "soap hawk"... no way I was going to cut her hair! The boys are easy.... she'll be a piece of work, and I pity my hairdresser when I take E there for the first time... She always wants to see what's going on!


Patti said...

Love the mohawks! That first pic is so cute! Did you get any stamping done while you were by yourself? or just end up spending the whole time on the computer like I would?

Sarah said...

I spent a LOT of time on the computer last night, I ordered 150 digital pics from Snapfish to finish off a scrapbook. Then did about an hour in my stamping room.... They are not back today until noon, so I *might* do some cleaning this morning too!!!

Desiree said...

Your kids are so cute! Funny pictures!
Yes I got the SU punch for a good price. I sent you an email about it, but after reading your comments in my blog, I understand that you havent got it. Sorry about that.

We have had a dreadful summer up here, almost nothing sun. We are going to Germany on vacation next friday, hope we get some sun and summer then.
Take care, Sarah!

Hugs from Desiree in Norway

Tricia said...

awww, I think you should have kept Scott's mohawk! It was so cute.

Louise said...

I just cut Liam's's run it's course & it's time to move on :) Suited his personality though! Would've been a great haircut to go with Scott's uniform for the first day of school don't you think... or maybe not!

kfroese said...

great post Sarah. i like that first pic of the all 3 kids and how you softened the edge of the pic. looks good. i need a haircut too, but i think i'll pass on the mohawk :)