Saturday, April 26, 2008

My brave little ones

Yesterday, I took Scott and Elise for immunizations. Scott did well, and just had to have one needle. Elise, had to have 4... so sad. She cried, but amazingly, within 2 minutes after the shots she was done crying and onto her bottle, then played while we waited for 15 minutes to pass before we could leave the clinic.

Today she is a happy little lamb and you'd never know she had shots yesterday.

With her little dots, she reminded me of a little Wemmick!!! (books by Max Lucado)

And for anyone that is interested... E is 34 lbs, and S is 50 lbs on the button. I'd have to look up their heights, but that was measured too.


Patti said...

Wow,I almost didn't recognize Elise. Her hair has grown so much!! I need to get Wyatt in for his shot too, better get on the phone.

deWoldeDaily said...

Oh, the agony of getting shots! I think they are harder on the parents holding them than on the kids!!
Hey, when did Elise get hair?? :) I hardly recognized her!

Sarah said...

it's amazing how strong she got after she knew what was coming... the first shot was easy - shots #2 - 4... not so much!

Elise's hair has been growing lots lately. But it's still pretty useless to try to put anything (barrets, etc) in it. It starts to loosen and then she just pulls it out. So most of the time she's just a ragamuffin!

Louise said...

We had shots the day before but just got neutral band-aids... I'm sure Jackson would have loved the yellow ones! Cole is 21 lbs, 6 oz and Jackson was 51 pounds. Kindergarten here we come! And with glasses to boot! Crazy!