Saturday, April 12, 2008

Glorious Day!

We just got home from a great Family Fun Day at the Zoo... I took a LOT of pictures! I even took FILM pictures... who does that anymore?! (yes, I know you do, mom!). I realized I had half a roll left on my regular camera and thought the Zoo would be a perfect place to finish it off, and then get them developed... I can't wait to see what other pictures are on that camera because I can't really remember the last time I used it!!!

Here are a few fun shots I took. Some of animals, but mostly of my kids in the natural beauty that is at the Greater Vancouver Zoo.... do you live in the area? Do you have a year pass? It is such a great idea to have a year pass because it is paid for in 2 1/2 visits to the zoo. What a deal! We got ours as a Christmas gift from Steve's parents, and what a great gift! It keeps on giving ALL YEAR LONG!!!!

With a year pass you get free parking (otherwise $4 a day) and free train rides every time you visit the zoo! (otherwise it's $5 per person!). There are other benefits as well, like a discount in the gift shop, and free entrance to a handful of other zoos....

First, some animals...

- the 3 month old giraffe baby... we haven't met him before.

- one of the hippos... Dawnelle, if you read this, which one is this?? The other one was flaked out in the mud and we only got butt shots of it, so I couldn't tell which one was bigger.

- a wild duck risking his life!

- the kids loved the hippo photo op by the Hippo Haven

- flamingos!

- I think Elise wants to move North...

Next, the kids having a great time at the Zoo!

- the boys are watching the lemurs play on top of their roof.

- my kids are such posers, Scott and Todd said, "take a picture of me!" at least 100 times today!! And of course, having 2 cameras on hand, I gladly took more than 200 pictures!!!

- Todd
- Elise found great freedom outside of the stroller!

I know there are lots of pics on this post, but just be thankful I didn't show you ALL 203 that we took today!!!!! Thank goodness for digital, eh?!

So... just a few more!

- me and Elise
- who's the leader?!

- I think this is frameable!

- taken by Todd
- Taken by Scotty!

The end! Now the kids are all napping, wiped out after walking for several hours!


Cindy said...

What a great day for the zoo! I wish we had this weather last month when we went.

Kevin & Amy said...

Lovely pictures:)

And yes, that one is definitely frameable!

stampinkerry said...

I agree! A glorious day! Your pic's are beautiful Sarah! Great shots of the animals...look like they were all out enjoying the sunshine too! I can't believe how grown up Elise is looking! And I agree...that one photo of the 3 of them is frameable!

Grammie said...

Ques. Was anyone else susposed to be in the picture Scott took? :) It looked like a great day. Nice to have that sunshine to enjoy. The pictures were all lovely including the ones taken by
the young photographers. We had beautiful weather here today too.

Sarah said...

no, it was just the 2 of us in the pic, I don't know why I am leaning over so far... I guess I thought it would be closer up. Scotty had a hoot taking pictures!

Quilt Nut said...

i love the zoo. looks like you had a great day