Sunday, November 06, 2011

A New Blankie!

I wasn't the kind of kid to have a "blankie" but I have one now!! I have been working on this rag quilt for quite awhile. I started it, and then lost interest, then worked on it a bit here and there over the past year. It's not very big, but it's still the biggest quilt I've ever made. It is about 55" square. I planned this to be my movie-watching blanket, and I am heading down to watch a movie right now... can't wait to try it out!

This is how the quilt started. A bunch of paper pieces glued together to make a pattern. I am very scientific when it comes to planning things (totally kidding... I am often called a "winger!" So the fact that I had a pattern, and that it came out relatively close to the original design is really amazing!)

Next, I gathered my fabric and used the scallop square die for my Big Shot and started cutting out fabric pieces. That part is super fun - best way to cut out fabric ever!

It's pretty cozy!

The back... one of the quilters that I follow on Google Reader always pieces her back, and I love that that gave me "permission" to use bits and pieces on the back of my quilt. Next time I'll get a little more creative, but it was hard enough keeping the design on track for the front of the quilt, let alone the back, so it is as it is on the back!

Close up of the rag squares. I have made several bags with this rag technique, but this is the first blanket. Love it... will do it again for sure!

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