Friday, September 02, 2011

Victoria & Goodbye Summer

School starts in 4 days. I'm ready! The kids are ready, too! Elise can't wait to get started in Kindergarten, and the boys are eager to see their friends again.

So... we had one last hurrah before heading back to routine. We took a trip over to Victoria. Time with friends, a little touristy stuff, a visit with my Granny in the care home.... it was a great week! Plus, my parents have acreage, so there was always lots for the kids to do to keep busy!

Here are a few of the highlights from the week.

Family Time...

My kids with their Great Granny.

Some fun with different features on my camera... black and white and some blur.

Building Time...

The kids and Steve and I (mostly Steve and the kids :) have been working on a play fort in the back forty of my parents' place. I was on cougar and bear alert because there have been sightings of both in the area this summer.

Friend Time...

We got together with Tricia and the boys at a park in Sidney for a couple hours to play. Later in the weekend, we also hooked up with Todd's old school buddy that has moved over to the Island. That was a lot of fun, too. I don't have pics to share from that. (yes, of course I TOOK pictures, but I am not going to post them :)

Game Time...

So many games of Chinese Checkers and Battleship took place over the week that I lost count! The kids really loved playing these games, so I am going to have to add them to a shopping list at some point! We have lots of games, but these 2 games are not ones we own.

Scott took this black and white. I just love how he took it from a different perspective.

Fun Time...

After visiting Granny, we went to the Beacon Hill Drive-In for ice cream. Yikes! These bowls were HUGE... way too much for one kid. They didn't need to eat lunch that day :)

Farm Time...

I posted a few weeks ago about my dad's chickens. The kids had fun feeding them, and watching them... it was also an excuse to not finish their dinner, "But mommm, Papa said the chickens would really like to have some of my dinner!" Ok, whatever Papa says!

This was so cute. We were walking up the driveway with my dad and he was showing me his plum tree. Just as he was saying, "It didn't even give me one lousy plum..." We both spotted it! A beautiful, ripe, delicious yellow plum! Further searching yielded 2 more plums from this tree, and one from another tree. Enough plums for each of the kids and Papa!!

E is such a poser. This was take 5 of her standing beside this sunflower. I just wanted to show the height of the flower, and she had to show off a bit! Dad's sunflowers were a bit short this year because they were all volunteers. I love sunflowers.

Tractor driving lessons with Papa. Out of all the kids, Elise was the only one that wanted to steer the tractor. The boys just wanted to go along for the ride. After her turn was done, she said, "I am such a good driver, I didn't even hit any of the cars in the driveway." Well, I hope not!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to the Beacon Hill Petting Farm after church for a little bit. Elise has been there before, but it was the first time for the boys. They instantly fell in love with all the little pygmy goats!

Bed Time...

The sunsets in Victoria were just glorious. Night after night of beautiful skies. I couldn't believe how there was so much colour every night, but each night was different. Here are pics from 2 different nights.

Vivid pinks and purples one night...

And bright orange on another night that bounced off the water of the Bay and made a beautiful backdrop for the silhouettes.

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Rhonda said...

can never get enough of summer sunsets. looks like you had a fabulous time. love the picture Scott took of the game.