Sunday, August 15, 2010

Old Fashioned Scrappin'

I stumbled across this old fashioned scrapbook last week. We were on holidays in Victoria, and took a trip to the Saanich Historical Artifacts Society, also called "Heritage Acres." This was just one of thousands of treasures in the museum building there. How fun to see that ladies "back in the day" collected keepsakes and stickers to scrapbook with the thought of pasting them in a book to keep for generations to come. I'm glad this lady did it (or perhaps it was a man that kept these treasures of his loved one - see how helpful a little bit of journaling can be for those who read your books down the line!!)... I love the old photograph, and just by this one page we can gather that she likes birds, traveling, and perhaps fashion.

The book was behind glass, so I couldn't peruse the rest of the pages, but seeing it there in the display made me smile. A piece of history preserved. It was nestled in with a display of children's toys, so maybe it was a child that made this book. In that case, I am even happier because it means a mother let her child have a creative outlet like scrapbooking.

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