Saturday, December 05, 2009

Family Time

Last weekend, we took a quick trip over to see my parents... here are a few pics from that weekend.

It was wet, but that didn't stop the kids from exploring in the back 40! (well, the back 7 :)

Todd was really excited about playing checkers with my dad... I don't think he won anything, but it was still fun to play with Papa!

Fox and Geese
My parents have a wonderful student staying with them right now from Brazil. Elise LOVES her!!!
My Granny is not able to hear anymore, so we write our part of the conversation on a white board for her. Then she answers back. The kids love drawing her pictures on the white board... she seems to get a kick out of that, too!

E found my old harmonica and played it all weekend!! Beautiful!!! (haha!)

Like a true west coaster.... shorts and a rain jacket. Turns out the boys repacked their clothes after I had inspected the piles, and Todd got away without a single pair of pants! Oh well, he really didn't seem to mind!


Katie and Scott said...

What a great weekend away! We're looking forward to Christmas on the Island - last one in Port Alberni (did I tell you my folks are moving to Nanaimo?) Will you b on the Island for Christmas too?

Anonymous said...

I liked the one with "Todd 5 " :)
His age has always been part of
his name. g