Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rainy Day Crafts - part 2

The kids have been crafting most of the day... they love creating things and I love seeing them get creative, and they are actually pretty good about cleaning up after themselves, so that helps when we're dealing with paint! I thought we could make some musical instruments, and these shakers came together fairly easily, and then they got to break out new paint sets to decorate them.


Louise said...

Looks like fun! Ethan used to paint all the time when it was just him but now, I don't think to bring them out really - I hould but Cole is such a different kid than Ethan was :)

Sarah said...

Mine all LOVE painting, but it is potentially soooo messy that I don't pull this out very often, plus they do it at school, so why not let the teacher deal with it!! But these little paint containers seem to keep things tidier... These were supposed to be stocking stuffers, but I dug into my Christmas stash today to supplement the rainy day crafts! There's lots of time before Christmas to get more stuffers!!

Anonymous said...

E looks quite proud of hers :)
all very good. g