Thursday, October 01, 2009

Crazy Kids!

Back at Easter, while we were with my family, my sister made up some great Easter baskets for my kids. These little mouths (candy suckers) were in the mix of goodies, and she gave me the idea of letting the kids have them in the tub, so the sticky on their hands and faces could be washed off right away! They had a blast tonight, and the bunny faces got one last hurrah as the last bit was sucked off and then the rest was chucked. But since we won't be seeing these faces again (well, maybe new ones next Easter... the kids can hope, anyway!) I had to get a picture!!

We're getting pretty close to the end of "Rub a dub dub, three kids in a tub!" too... because Scott usually showers now, and Elise likes having the tub to herself. And, I think Todd would just rather stay dry! So, I never know when my last picture of them all in the tub together might happen...

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Louise said...

I think we are done with group baths too! The last couple times, we've had E&J in our shower and L&C in our tub (ensuite) and it was great to supervise all of them with lots of space! Also a fun change of scenery for them!