Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Visitors ☺

On Thursday night, my cousin and her friend came to stay overnight. They were on their way down to the states for the weekend, and almost had to cancel their plans due to the heavy flooding situation in Washington State right now. I saw some of it on the news and couldn't believe the destruction. But thankfully, I heard today that they got to their destination safely last night and are having a great time!

Here are a few pics....

Maren and Katie picking out a stamp set from my retired sets baskets!! They are both stampers and loved it that I said pick a set... Steve was happy to see some of it head out the door, too!

The kids attacked the girls as soon as they came in the door... but they were great about it, and returned the favour in tickles! Yep, the kids were pretty wound up before bedtime!

Earlier in the day, on Thursday, we had this scene (below) in the office... nice, eh?! The fans on the computer were acting up, so Steve took them into the shop. Seems to be working fine, so I think that they just needed to have a good cleaning. I wouldn't know where to start inside the computer, but I sure like using it, so I'm grateful that there are people that find building and fixing computers "fun"!! A couple years ago our computer completely crashed, and it had the smell to go with it... I thought everything was toast - but the guys at the computer shop replaced stuff, cleaned stuff, and saved ALL my pictures, which of course I hadn't backed up to discs... but I have now!!!

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