Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weeeee! That was fun!

My little girl just found something that she loves! Going down the slide. No fear. None at all. That's scary for me! She is so much like her big brother, Todd. He would jump from the top of the slide if I let him.

We were at a Care Group BBQ a couple weeks ago, and after the kids had been playing for a bit, I saw Elise making her way up the slide ladder... oh boy! Then she said "Mommy help me." So I caught her at the bottom... after that - "I do it, I do it... Mommy MOVE!" She loved it!

Here I go!!!

And you were worried, mom!

Hmmm... I saw the bigger kids doing it this way!

And when I didn't catch her at the bottom... she did a couple of these:

Time for a break after all her hard work...

But Dad's cake looks better than my watermelon!


Grammie said...

She looks like our little "Peaches"
doesn't she?

Desiree said...

You have beautiful children! Its fun to see how she likes to play, great pictures!
I hope you are well? The summer is late this year here on top of Norway, but we have the midnight sun now. I like that.
I must ask you a SU question, do you know how much the shipping is on a word punch to Norway? Or is it cheaper to send two? I hope you know what I mean. And can I order from you if the shipping is right?
Have a nice day!
From Desiree

Louise said...

Aren't 'playground friendly' dresses great (with the matching panties!) - not that the boys have any, I just think they are a neat idea! Love Elise's curls!

Sarah said...

yes! they are great! I think that dress was from mom.... but you helped her pick it out!

Desiree said...

Hi Sarah! I wrote word punch, but i ment word window punch ;)