Saturday, June 21, 2008

Family Bowling

Last weekend was Father's Day, and Steve went to a car show with his friend John. Then John and Karen and the fam came over for a BBQ. Steve posted the cars on his blog... you can check it out HERE if you are into cars!!

We actually had Father's Weekend! On Saturday, we were invited to go bowling with our friends John and Melanie. This was the kids' first time bowling and they all loved it and asked when we could go again! Even Elise got into it, but she didn't last 10 rounds. Steve and I each finished off a couple of her turns! After bowling we went for Sundaes at McD's.

Here are some pics...

There were no size 7 shoes...

It was like they were on a first date... so cute! Todd even got kissed, but it was from her younger sister :)

Todd loved it! I love the little bowling shoes they had for the boys!!!

Choosing the perfect ball....

My dad will notice that John is wearing a JD shirt! Steve might come around yet, dad!

Sundaes were a hit at McD's

Todd got right into the play area, and was just sweating afterwards!... and did you notice that he is sitting like Ronald? He was very proud of that!

The big play area was a bit much for E so we went over the the smaller one with the little girls. This size was perfect for her, she had gotten stuck in the other one when she was afraid to come back down... you know what that means - daddy to the rescue!

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Quilt Nut said...

too cute! i love bowling with kids