Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Waiting at the Ferry

If I had to use the ferry to commute to work every day or every week, I can see how it would quickly lose its novelty. But for now, riding the ferries every 2 months or so, they're not so bad. And a sunny day sure helps to make the wait even better!

This is a first for us..... and here's how the conversation went:

me: "we have to pay for Scott now because he's 5, but Elise and Todd are still free."

Todd: "I'm not free!"

me: "Yes you are, you and Elise are both free."

Todd (a little more loudly): "I'm NOT FREE, I'm FOUR!"

Steve loves to get right in there and play on the playground!


stampinkerry said...

That is too cute Todd!!!
Thanks for sharing, what a beautiful day it was!

Leanne said...

That Todd cracks me up!!!

alexa said...

That is way to cute! I love this age and the things they say :) My favorite right now is "going to 'turch'"

Heather said...

I'm 4!
Total crack up! Kids say the best stuff!

Leanne said...

Hey... just noticed your Revival Arts win! Congrats!! Maybe your luck is changing and you should go play Roll up the Rim today!!!