Friday, November 02, 2012

2 Pirates and a Karate Kid

We went to the Fall Fest at church instead of trick-or-treating on Halloween, which was nice because it was a super rainy night! Then, today, the kids had a costume party at piano lessons and had a mini-recital for their fellow piano students, so they got to dress up twice this year!


Desirée said...

So nice kids! It has been some rainy days here too, but today its just cold outside. I hate rain ;)

Have a nice day, Sarah! Hugs from north Norway :)

Epic Fail said...

The last few years it seems that every kid in our neighborhood is going to a Halloween celebration at the local churches instead of going door-to-door. I guess everything changes, but when I was a kid half the fun of Halloween was running through the neighborhood at night without our parents. The candy was the other half.