Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New Adventure...

It's Valentine's Day, so I am going to write about the man I love. ♥

Well, it's been quiet around our house for the last few weeks. My husband, Steve, has gone to work for awhile in Alberta. He got a job for a trucking company out there, and has been having all kinds of adventures. He has the excitement of a little boy who is getting to play with mighty machines! We are all super excited for him because the desk-life job was just not agreeing with him anymore... he loved his years on the farm, but now, being in town and having a home office, he would look out the window and long to be outside. Now, he gets to do that again!

In January, Steve went through a driving course to get his Class 1, and he got his license on January 24th. On January 25th he got a job... he didn't even have to apply for it, they called him! After completing a series of courses to get 8 safety tickets (I have no idea what they all are, but they include First Aid, TDG, and H2S, plus a bunch more!) so that he could drive on and around oilfields, he set out with another driver for a trip north... way north... like 13 (+) hours north of the Alberta border into the Northwest Territories. That is a land of glorious sunsets, ice roads and small trees.

Along the way, while he wasn't driving, Steve has been sending me pictures. I thought I would share a few on here.

The frozen MacKenzie River... think "Ice Road Truckers" :)

The road goes right over the frozen river! They had to cross the river like this in 2 spots each way.

Steve said it was a bit of a strange feeling to see these ferries parked like this.

He has sent me some amazing sunset pictures. I hope one day I get to take this trip with him!

This week, they are doing some local (around Edmonton) runs and hoping for another northern assignment soon.


blessed mama - crystal joy said...

Wow, what an adventure that must be for him (and you, being home with the kidlets!)

Andy said...

Amazing experience for him! Congrats on this new adventure in life, and good on you for embracing the change:) Happy Valentine's Day!

deWoldeDaily said...

Beautiful pictures! Almost makes me miss Alberta! Hope you are all doing well being apart from each other. I'm sure you'll embrace the saying: "Absence makes the heart grow fonder!"