Friday, October 14, 2011

Get started in scrapbooking...

I was just looking through some groups I belong to on Facebook, and someone asked the question: "What are some tips for a brand new scrapbooker?"

Since I wrote a long answer (no, not me!!!) I thought I would share it here, too.

I think the best way to start is to scrapbook the pictures that you really love. They will be more inspiring. Don't feel like you have to scrapbook every single detail of everyone in your family's life, or that you even have to do it in chronological order... you can always go back and fill in the blanks later. A single book doesn't have to be a single style, either, that way you can experiment with different styles of scrapping until you find what you really love doing. And most of all... have fun!

Sometimes, to get your creative juices flowing, it is helpful to start with a project that has a definite start and finish... like a trip, or a family reunion. Rather than your child's entire journey through elementary and high school... that is an ongoing process and it can be very overwhelming because it is easy to fall behind on something like that.

Remember, these are YOUR books, so as long as you are happy with them, that's all that counts. But, don't ever be afraid to show them off, even if you are a brand newbie! Others will like to see your layouts and you'll be able to inspire others with the things you create, as well. Google is your friend - find other scrapbookers' blogs and get ideas from them. Scraplifting is totally ok, as long as you don't sell another person's idea. If it's for your own books, go for it!

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