Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Olympic Speed Skaters

It is quite exciting that the Olympics are about to take place right in our back yard. I have heard cheers and grumbles about the Olympics coming to town... but I am excited about them!

I love watching the Olympics on TV, and a couple weeks ago, we got to do better than that, we got to see real live Olympic athletes practicing at our local rink. It was the Japanese speed skating team, and man, are they fast! Here are a couple pics to share.


Katie and Scott said...

That would be very cool to see up close! Do you have any other Olympic plans during the games??

Thanks for your comment on our blog -- Sorry to get your hopes up for Scott getting on with the Hawaii Police. He isn't actually trying - it was a joke for his mom : )

Sarah said...

Too funny, Katie!! We were so excited for you guys!

Yes, we saw the torch come to town on Sunday, and I am posting about that today! Enjoy your holidays!