Sunday, November 01, 2009


For as long as we have had kids, we have gone to just a few houses on Halloween. We don't go to strangers' houses, we just go to a few of our friends, and people that we maybe haven't seen since last Halloween (or longer), and we want to have a quick catch up. For instance, we went to our old next door neighbours', who haven't seen the kids for at least 2 years. And we went to our old Realtor's house (who became the owner of our old cat when we moved off our old farm) so we could say hi, and the kids could see their old kitty!!

Number of houses visited: 10
Amount of "loot": half a bag per child
Kilometres put on the truck: At least 50
The looks on the kids faces as people said how cute they were in
their costumes and gave them handfuls of candy.....

Our old cat... The kids love to see how she is doing!

Somebody else's cat.... hmm... I think my kids like cats!

A very happy Dinosaur!


Louise said...

Looks like fun :)

Anonymous said...

They look so happy and pleased
with themselves.g

Katie and Scott said...

Great photos! The kids looked like they had a blast.