Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Work in Progress....

We are currently in a rearranging stage in our house.... my husband had his office on the main floor, but since he works from home during the day, we both decided that 3 years of that was enough... so, it was time to find some new space for him to work. Now, since rental space is expensive, and we technically have enough room in our house for everyone to be happy - we just decided to rearrange. I shared my plan with him a couple weeks ago, and he jumped on board right away...

Want to hear it?!!! There will be photos down the road... just haven't gotten to a place where it is worthy of sharing pictures quite yet!

Steve's office is now moved to Elise's bedroom on the upstairs floor. (it's the smallest bedroom, but still big enough for him to have a large desk and lots of shelving, plus there is a bedroom closet in there, for all the stuff he doesn't need right away.

My stamping room will move out of the largest bedroom upstairs (well, our Master bedroom is the largest, but we're staying there!) and into Steve's old office downstairs... now THIS is something that will take a long time to complete! Our house is a wreck right now!!!

The boys (share a room) will move into my old stamping room... (but we'll have to paint, patch walls where I've hung stuff, etc, before they can move in.... this room has a walk in closet with a window, and the boys are already excited about all the forts they will build in there!

And, finally, Elise will move into the boys' old room... once again, we'll have to paint it before she can move it, and make it a little more girly than it is right now with 2 little boys living in there!

So, please forgive my lack of blog posts, but we are deep in the task of moving rooms, and I haven't created something in quite awhile.... can't wait to make something new in my new room!

In the meantime, why not keep up on my photo blog... Worth 1000 Words... I have been posting 1-2 photos each day.


Quilt Nut said...

that's allot of furniture moving! have fun!!

Cindy said...

we are in the planning stages of re-arranging 3 rooms in our house right now and I am dreading the chaos and all the work, but in the long run it should make things better than they are now.

It'll be nice for you to have your stamping room down there! Will you have a computer in it so you can FB while you stamp? :)

Sarah said...

YES!!! I get the "old" computer, which is perfectly fine... and Steve has ordered a new one, which should be ready soon, so then he will be able to completely move into his new office!

Cindy, what rooms are you switching up? Girls' rooms? Craft/quilting room? Oh, I want to know!!!

And yes, our house is quite chaotic right now. I have joked that if we get any drop in company, we'll just usher them right through the side gate and serve them in the back yard!

deWoldeDaily said...

So fun!! I love moving and re-arranging things around. It give you a chance to purge and re-organize, which I always like to do. I hope it all goes well for you, as that is a lot of room switching! Post some pictures when you are finished!

Sarah said...

Yes, I hope some purging will happen, Hilda! It needs to, because my new stamping room/office is smaller than the one I had upstairs... I'm just enjoying a couple days of it being fairly empty before I bring down the big cabinets from upstairs..... I will definitely post pics!

Susan Mac Donald said...

'Sounds like everything's in order;
a very organized home. Good luck & don't tire yourself too much or loose your patience thru this reno. time!