Sunday, September 22, 2013

What I'm up to these days... My Christmas letter in September!

I don't post on this blog much, (ok, really not at all!!) anymore, but I wanted to write a quick post about what I am up to these days... you can find me, more regularly, at "This is the LIFE" my fivefroeses blog:

I am teaching Kindergarten - almost full time. (93% to be exact) I love it! What a great way to get back into the (almost) full time work force... Kindergarten suits me way more than I thought it would. I REALLY love it. There are 4 Kindergarten classes at our school, and I couldn't ask for a better team to work alongside. I am learning so much from the other teachers and they are so generous with their knowledge and resources. I never feel alone in my planning. The added blessing of this teaching position is that all three of my own kids are at the same Elementary campus that I teach at. They are in grades 5, 4 and 2 this year. I love seeing them on the playground with their friends at recess and lunch.

Writing... I recently wrote a children's book. It is in the publishing stages, and I am waiting for the "author copy" which should be at my door any day now. After that, I just have to give the final approval and the book will officially be in print. I am very excited about this. You can find out more about this venture on my facebook page:  I am looking forward to scheduling some book signings and getting some ordering info out there, so my book can find a home in many different homes :) (maybe your home!!)

Businesses... And, on the side, I am doing a few little home based businesses. Mainly, it is so I can get the discount (ask me about it if you would like to join me! Why pay full price on something if you can get it at a discount, right?!!), but also to make a few extra dollars here and there.

What are they? Well, the most exciting one for me is Epicure. Have you heard about it? Victorian Epicure is a 100% Canadian company that started with 4 spice blends back in the '90s and has flourished into so much more. I love the products - they make every dish I make taste good. Totally gluten-free and so much variety. Check it out at my website...

On top of that, I am still active with Stampin' Up! but have only been making the odd order here and there. I don't have my webside up anymore, because that was an extra cost, and doesn't seem to be worth it, for me, at the moment. But, as long as I am active, I can still place orders. These days, I am mainly stamping for fun, and to fill card orders, which I love getting because it keeps me motivated to use my mountains of crafting and stamping supplies!!

About 6 months ago, our family joined a new church close to our home. I joined the worship team in the summer and have already had the joy of playing the piano and singing on a team a couple times, and will continue with my team every 3rd week. The highlight of this, besides worshiping our amazing God alongside some pretty great people, is that I have been working on my harmonizing skills... I love singing lead, but am very thrilled that I am now called a harmonizer! What a great feeling.

Steve finished his driving season in mid-August, and he is now working from home with ACN. He has found more time to experiment with his 40th birthday present (a brand spankin' new BBQ complete with blue neon lights) and I have found him, on several occasions, searching for new recipes on Pinterest or Google. He even started his own Pinterest account, for which the kids and I are all quite happy about! The other exciting thing about him working from home is that he is able to be involved in the kids' activities... last week he was able to go cheer on our boys at their first Cross-country meet of the season.

This post started as a quick little "hello" and to tell you that there is a new Epicure catty available... but it has turned into a full blown newsletter. So, I am renaming it "My Christmas letter in September" because I doubt that I will have a chance to write as long of a letter in December.

Happy Fall Ya'll! (today is the first official day of Fall). Blessings for a Bountiful Harvest (the unit we are studying in in Kindergarten right now) and a wonderful season of Thanksgiving.

Some Autumn pictures from the archives...

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year

Since I am not actively pursuing my stamping business any longer (although, I am still technically active as a Demonstrator) I have decided to take a different approach to the world of blogging for 2013. More writing. I've always wanted to write. At any given time I usually have at least 3 or 4 journals started. I've never been one to write in a single book until the end and then start a new one. That might drive some of you just a wee bit crazy, but I find it very freeing - no stress if you misplace one... just pick up another and write down your thoughts. I always put the date at the top of the page... not that it really matters because I don't share my handwritten journals with anyone else.

The name of this blog is Stampinsars, and the description states that it is a blog about my life and my stamping. I will keep this blog active for the times when creativity strikes, but as for the happenings of the Five Froeses, I have started another blog. Shocking, I know! I have several on the go - just like journals, I suppose.

I welcome you to follow it, if you would like. And I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year and blessings throughout 2013.

Five Froeses - This is the LIFE!