Saturday, October 13, 2012

Crab Fest 2012

I love it that my dad takes us Crab fishing. Salt water fishing licenses for kids under 16 are free, so we always have the kids' up to date when we go for a visit. My dad renews his each year and Steve and I go along for crowd control, and of course we help with the eating. Scott isn't a big fish-eater, but he sure loves catching them and hanging out by the ocean and on the dock.

Getting the traps ready.

Down they go!


Keep pulling...

Sometimes you get the reward of a beautiful male crab that is big enough to keep, and sometimes you get a great big slimy starfish!

Steve made a few new friends...

We had the most incredible weather while we were on the island.

We got 6 keepers the first day and 10 the second day. Each license is allowed to keep 4, so our max would be 16.

Todd and Papa... two peas in a pod and best buddies from the start!

A typical scene off the Sidney Pier

Thanksgiving Overseas...

It was the first time in about 5 years that we were able to join my parents and brother for Thanksgiving. Nothing like being home for the holidays. Mom put on a feast, as usual!

Loved mom's festive displays around the house...

We also celebrated my big brother's birthday.

The kids all chose gifts to give him and piled on him on the couch to get him to open them!

I don't know if Elise was trying to get her card to look like Uncle Angus, or not, but she sure made a cute card!!

Then, the after-dinner festivities included a show by Elise and Uncle Angus - they had us in stitches!

My dad and his "girls".

They got some new chicks that were "all girls" but my dad said as soon as he saw the babies he knew this one was a rooster, even before the baby feathers grew out, he was struttin' his stuff. The last rooster they had ended up in the freezer, so it was nice to see one around there again!

On our ferry ride home, a nice lady took our picture.

We have so much to be thankful for, including the bounty that was loaded in our truck as we were leaving. All from my parents' garden, and from their neighbour's garden. Potatoes, garlic, tomatoes, zucchinis, pears and more. Fresh food is the best gift!