Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Olympic Day!


We took a ride on the Westcoast Express train, Wednesday afternoon, to experience the Olympic hype in downtown Vancouver. Here are a few pics of our adventure...

Many of the buildings were draped with huge ads and pictures.

The Olympic rings in the harbour. They turned gold every time Canada got a GOLD. This happened just before we got there in Womens' Bobsledding. Very cool to see the rings gold!

The cauldron...
Elise was big on water - she had to touch all the fountains we came across! So, the rain that fell off and on while we were there didn't bother her a bit!

We met the Premier of BC - Gordon Campbell. He was handing out Olympic pins to the kids, so we asked for a picture with him.

These beautiful banners are outside the Art Gallery. I saw them on Koralee's blog and knew I had to figure out where that photo was taken... mission accomplished!

These athlete cutouts were spread out in various places so you could pose with them! The kids all took turns being skiers and snowboarders.

Todd got to say he played hockey at the Olympics. This was his main goal of the day! I am so glad we finally found this place to play the game - made his day!

On our way home. The kids got "Quatchie" luging from McDonalds, and this cute little polar bear from the Manitoba Pavillion. They were quite proud of their treasures, and it saved us having to buy any other souvenirs!!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Enjoying the Sunshine!!!

Yesterday was a Pro-D day, which means my boys didn't have school. So, we took the opportunity to enjoy God's beautiful creation and went for a hike on Sumas mountain. We came across some very cool mountain bike trails and we walked along them for quite a ways. The kids had a blast, and we all got some fresh air, and some much needed Vitamin D.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fresh Cut for Spring!!

My friend, Alexa, and I went for a drive out to Chilliwack this morning to visit Cindy at Tangles Hair Design. Both of us were getting a foot of hair chopped off to donate to Locks of Love where they take hair and manufacture it into wigs for people who lose their hair because of cancer treatments and alopecia areata. Alexa put me up to the challenge about 6 months ago. We were out for coffee and I made a comment about how my hair was getting way too long and I was going to make an appointment to get it cut. She said, "Can you hang on for just a bit longer?" Then she told me her plan of donating our hair. I was in!!

(note: if you want to donate locally, here is the link for the BC Cancer Society. I decided to go with Locks of Love because my hair has been previously dyed and their regulations are slightly different).

Tangles: If you are on Facebook, you can find Tangles Hair Design HERE...

So... my hair got to be this long - yikes! It hasn't been this long since grade 12. And at that time I chopped off a foot, as well, but I hadn't heard of places like Locks of Love, so sadly, my hair just went in the garbage back then.

It was fun while it lasted, but I know Steve will be quite happy to not have to find my long hair all over the house... (well, until it grows longer again!!!!)

Here we are in the "before" shot... Alexa's hair was almost down to her waist! So beautiful!

The official measuring of the hair... (fyi - hair has to be 10 inches or longer, and in some donation places it can be dyed, and previously permed, but not bleached).

The "after shot!" My hair looks so skinny in that sad little ponytail. No wonder it takes up to 12 donations to make one wig!

I like how it turned out... what do you think?

Alexa came away with a great cut, too, and since she had way more to begin with, I guess she has a head start for the next donation round :)

And highlights!! I haven't had highlights for a few years, so I thought I would splurge and get something fun! Thanks Cindy!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Olympic Torch Celebrations

More Olympic festivities!!! We went to the Olympic torch celebrations and took part in the party last Sunday night. There were free flags, hot chocolate and glow ropes. And the best part is we were there celebrating Canada with our friends, and 20,000 other Canadians from our city!


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Olympic Speed Skaters

It is quite exciting that the Olympics are about to take place right in our back yard. I have heard cheers and grumbles about the Olympics coming to town... but I am excited about them!

I love watching the Olympics on TV, and a couple weeks ago, we got to do better than that, we got to see real live Olympic athletes practicing at our local rink. It was the Japanese speed skating team, and man, are they fast! Here are a couple pics to share.

Spring Flowers

I really feel so loved! In the last couple weeks I have been gifted with so many flowers. Here are the lovely daffodils that my friend Karen gave me when she and her family came for dinner.

And earlier that same day, Steve and Todd came home from grocery shopping and presented me with these beauties! Thank you so much!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Last one...

I had my last club night with the "Beyond the Basics" girls last night. What a great group of ladies! They brought me these gorgeous flowers. Thank you ladies! You have been such a fun group, and I am going to miss our "first Wednesday of the month" stamping nights!

I'll show the projects we did in the next post. But, I wanted to share the beautiful flowers first...

And, here is a really fun card that Melody made for me. Thanks, Melody! I love it!!